OpenAPI & Swagger UI

VatZen is Deprecated since January 2022 and API server will be shut down soon!

We have most up-to-date and generated API available in Swagger UI, where you can also play with API and see responses.

You can access OpenAPI resources on the following URLs:

Using Swagger UI

We'll walk you through the basics of the Swagger UI and how you can use it to test and play with our API.

First, make sure you have your apiKey, which you can get from the VatZen Dashboard.


Before making any requests, you will need to authorize yourself with the token. In order to do that, click "Authorize" button.

You will be presented with 2 possible options, enter your api key either via query param, or header. Feel free to choose any of them. Enter your token and click "Authorize"

Making Requests

After you authorized yourself, it's very simple to make the request. Let's take Rate endpoint as an example. Let's imagine, we want to fetch all the VAT rates for France. All you need to do is to expand "Rate", enter "FR" and click execute:

After you performed the request, you can see the response below.

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